1 April, 2020

Supporting Learning at Home

Recently, we have been getting lots of questions from parents about how they can help to support their children’s learning at home. Our teachers have put together some simple tips and ideas to help encourage learning at home.

Revision is Key

A great way to support your child’s learning is to help them revise some topics they have already covered at school. Why not assign some Learn Primary lessons based on the topics they learned about in Term 1?


Reading is a great way to support children’s learning. Reading to and with younger children and encouraging older children to read a variety of books is very important. Read our blog post for more tips on how to choose a good book.


Try to incorporate maths topics into your everyday activities. For example if you are cooking you could practise weighing or telling time, if you are shopping ask your child to calculate the cost of certain items or the change required from simple transactions etc.


Writing emails to friends and family is a great way to practise writing. This does not have to feel like a writing lesson but you can encourage children to follow writing conventions such as forming complete sentences, writing in paragraphs, using the correct grammar and punctuation rules depending on their age group. Children might also enjoy writing stories, poems, persuasive pieces or even instructional texts and sharing them with friends and family too. You can find tips about how to write different text types in Learn Primary’s English section.

Learn Primary Parent Zones

Each Learn Primary lesson is accompanied by a Parent Zone containing specific hints and tips about how to practise each lesson topic at home. These tips are written by teachers to give you an insight into what children should be learning at specific stages and how parents can support them. Many of our Parent Zones also contain a printable learning resources, such as a game or worksheet, to accompany the lesson and support learning at home.

Ask Us…

If you have any questions about supporting your child at home, post a comment below or send us an email and we will do our best to help out.


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