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Comprehensive coverage of maths and English in the one platform.

The All-In-One Learning Solution for Australian Schools

Comprehensively covering the new Mathematics and English curriculums for NSW, Australian Curriculum (AC v9) and the new Victorian curriculum as it is released, LearnPrimary will transform your classroom into a dynamic, interactive learning environment that caters to the unique needs of primary school teachers and students.

We incorporate Learning, Practice & Assessment in one platform that is designed to help teachers save time in planning lessons, marking and reporting. Students will find the content engaging that caters for their individual learning needs. As a web based app hosted in Australia, LearnPrimary runs on any modern laptop, desktop or tablet, all you need is a browser. Plus we help you with all the setup and provide training and support as required. We even integrate with some common student administration systems to get you setup rapidly in under 15 minutes!

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The LearnPrimary difference for your school

Maths and English in the One Platform

Complete coverage of the Maths and English curriculums for Year 1-6. Updated content for the new NSW curriculum, Australian curriculum v9 and the Victorian curriculum areas as they are released. Teachers and Students can work seamlessly between the two content areas without changing systems or the need for multiple logins and setups.

Learning, Practice and Assessment

Vast content library with learning animations, practice questions, assessment tasks and additional teacher support material for enrichment and support. To make it easy for teachers, the lessons are scoped and sequenced. 

Built to meet curriculum/syllabus requirements

Readily align your school to the suitable curriculum in your state or territory. With all our content designed by Australian teachers, you can select the Australian, the NSW or the Victorian Curricula. The relevant content and reporting  is designed around your choice. Learn Primary saves staff time in lesson planning and allows them to easily confirm students have covered all outcomes.

For use of any device with support for offline use

The content can be used in the front of class as a supplemental resource by a teacher or on any web enabled device that the student has access to. Lesson assessments can also be assigned as ‘offline’ tasks where device access is not possible.

Realtime Feedback and Insights

Students’ can be assigned lessons and assessments selectively or as a cohort. Teachers gain valuable insights at both the student and class level as well as compare student achievement on the same topic across different time periods and tests. 

Support Differentiation

Cater to the unique needs of every student in the classroom. Easily allocate lessons and tasks to different students based on their achievement and ability levels or have the platform assess students and make recommendations for what each student should focus on next.

What Our Schools Are Saying…
  • "LearnPrimary is an engaging learning tool. The process of Learn, Practise and Assess throughout each topic is valuable to student learning. By allowing students to practise as much as they need before selecting to be assessed gives students the chance to master a skill and take ownership over their learning. My students love earning coins and gems, and they enjoy the online games."

    NSW Teacher
  • “The built-in reporting provides strong evidence of learning that I need to meet my reporting obligations. It also provides me with useful data on any gaps in learning for my students as a cohort or individually. The time I save in analysing this data allows me to spend more time with each student on improving their learning outcomes.”

    Tasmanian Teacher
  • "I found it useful to use the videos as an introduction to my lessons and then set tasks for students to complete. It was easy enough to go through the reports and see if students needed more focus on that concept. It was also great that the program set tasks for them according to gaps they had when being assessed. The support team at LearnPrimary, was quick in responding to issues and clarify what we needed."

    VIC Teacher
  • “The content is very comprehensive and saves me a significant portion of time in getting engaging and aligned content ready for my class. I often use the keyword search to look up lesson content. As a regional school with blended classrooms, I can maintain students of different levels and year groups easily with LearnPrimary which allows me to see all my students together in one place and teach or assign lessons based on their ability.”

    NSW Teacher
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Support & Integration


We have designed LearnPrimary to be as intuitive and simple to use as possible but if you do need support, we are there on hand to provide it.

Our team provides full setup and training and we integrate with leading student administration systems to reduce administration tasks. 

Don’t see your School Management System here? Let us know, we are always happy to integrate. 


Email: support@learnprimary.com.au

Support number: 1300 882 219

About LearnPrimary for Schools

At LearnPrimary we are driven by our deep passion for improving learning outcomes for primary school students. We recognise the key role teachers play in this mission.

Designed specifically to assist teachers and schools, LearnPrimary has created a platform to support teachers with delivering effective and engaging lessons for maths and English. Aligned to the curriculum, LearnPrimary offers Learning, Practice and Assessment for maths and English all in one platform and for one low price. 

Book a free trial of the system for your class or school today and we take care of the setup and training required to get you started. 

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