Learn Primary | For Parents

Designed by Teachers, Learn Primary is an adaptive, curriculum aligned learning platform for Maths and English!

Hundreds of learning animations based on key learning objectives for Maths & English.

Thousands of practice and assessment questions to reinforce the learning.

Get familiar what & how your child is learning in school.

Get feedback and track your child’s learning progress with a dedicated Parent Portal.

All inclusive for one low price.

Take a look at Learn Primary in action...

Rewarding lessons help build confidence

Learn Primary is designed to allow primary school students to navigate through the lessons that are based on the curriculum. As parents you have a dedicated Parent Portal to track the progress of your child and help them with their learning if needed.

Learn Primary recognises that each child learns at a different pace and the adaptive logic built into the platform guides a child’s learning based on their needs.

Learn Primary is configured to work across any device ie a Mac, PC, iPad of Android tablet and we recommend Google Chrome or Safari browser for the best experience. Why not start your FREE trial now?

What Parents Say...
  • “My daughter in Year 2 has only been using it for a little while but she seems to really enjoy using the Learn Primary app! We have tried several other apps but they are more like games so I am glad that she’s using something that’s actually helping her actively learn as well!”

    St Ives North Public School
  • “My husband and I love the lesson animations and the additional information in the Parent Zone...it’s been a long time since we went to primary school so watching these animations we are also getting familiar with what and how they are learning and allows us to help our daughter if she needs help.”

    Surfers Paradise State School
  • “We have been using Learn Primary since the last term of 2017 for our daughter in Year 2. She tells us what was covered in the class for the week and I just search and setup those lessons for her as revision in the Parent Portal. She loves the animated videos and even enjoys the Practice and Assessment tasks. It has helped her gain a lot of confidence in the class!”

    Pagewood Public School
  • “As a homeschool mum, I'm looking for a program that aligns with the curriculum so I don't need to worry that my kids are missing out on vital information. Learn Primary has been able to provide that, and more, for my kids in the comfort of our own home. I can see an improvement in such a short amount of time and I would recommend Learn Primary to any parent who cares about their child's learning."

    Kate Clarke
  • “It’s our daughter’s first NAPLAN as she is in Year 3 so she is a little anxious about sitting for her first exam. We have been using Learn Primary to help her prepare and in a few weeks we can see that she is already gaining more confidence in taking the lesson based assessments. The lesson videos are spot on and matches exactly what she has been doing in the class!”

    John Purchase Primary School
  • “We have been using Learn Primary for our son in Year 2 over the summer break as revision and it has been a fantastic engaging tool to get ready for the start of the school year. The Assessments give us some great feedback on what he is confident in and areas where he needs to improve or requires help.”

    St Bede’s Primary School