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LearnPrimary Homeschool Edition

We understand the unique needs of homeschooling parents, and our mission is to empower you with the tools and resources needed to make learning a joyful and effective experience.

Our Mission

At LearnPrimary, we are comitted to:

  • Providing engaging and interactive learning materials tailored for primary school students,

  • Fostering a love for learning by making education enjoyable and meaningful,

  • Supporting homeschooling parents in their educational journey with comprehensive resources

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Key benefits of LearnPrimary Homeschool Edition

Maths and English in the One Platform

Change the 1st sentence to say Comprehensive coverage of the new NSW Curriculum and the new Australian Curriculum (v9) for Years 1-6. Your child can work seamlessly between the two content areas without changing systems or the need for multiple logins and setups.

Learning, Practice and Assessment

After watching the key lesson video, your child can build their understanding and confidence through practice question sets before they undertake an assessment to confirm they have learnt the concept.

Enrichment Zone

Every lesson contains an area for parents which includes explanations of what each curriculum topic means, how you can talk about it with your child as well as extend learning and link it to your child’s everyday life.

Engaging Video Lessons

Every lesson in the platform has a short, teacher designed, engaging video that helps students to understand the key concept. The system also includes printable worksheets for every lesson in case you need a break from screen time.

Realtime Feedback and Insights

Instantly see how your child is progressing with their learning. Students’ work is instantly assessed and viewable to them and you. Reports can instantly help you see areas where your child needs additional focus and review.

All your learners together

You can connect all your children into one admin Portal to allow you to manage their learning centrally. Each child will have access to their own dedicated student portal to personalise their experience. The system runs on any modern desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

What Our Parent Community Is Saying...
  • "LearnPrimary offers a bright, enjoyable, well-paced learning experience for primary aged kids. My children were engaged and eager to go through the lessons; and I loved the specific, syllabus-focused content delivered in easy-to-achieve lessons. This is a great option for homeschool families who want simple, easy to navigate and track, technology-rich, learning experiences."

  • "As a homeschool mum, l'm looking for a program that aligns with the curriculum so I don't need to worry that my kids are missing out on vital information. Learn Primary has been able to provide that, and more, for my kids in the comfort of our own home. I can see an improvement in such a short amount of time and I would recommend Learn Primary to any parent who cares about their child's learning."

    Kate Clarke


The LearnPrimary platform has been refined by years of teacher and parent feedback to make sure things are as easy and intuitive as possible but if you do need support, we are there.


Email: support@learnprimary.com.au

Support number: 1300 882 219

Make learning fun for the whole family.

LearnPrimary Homeschool Edition is designed to give parents access to high quality, curriculum aligned maths and English lessons and assessment – the same tools used by teachers in schools across the country.

LearnPrimary Homeschool Edition is a completely web-based solution – it runs directly in your browser (Chrome or Safari recommended) and will work on Mac, PC, iPad or Android.

To help you make an informed decision about whether the platform is the right fit for your family, LearnPrimary offers a free 14 day trial of the Homeschool Edition. You can start your free trial right now.

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