10 April, 2020

Supporting Learning at Home – Easter Edition

Wow! What a long term it has been…well it sure felt long 🙂

Well done for getting through the first term of ‘at home schooling’ and adapting to all the changes and challenges that has presented. Despite it officially being ‘school holidays’ and the Easter long weekend, we still need to stay at home! Our team has put together a few ideas to make things a little easier.

We would also love to hear your ideas so feel free to share in the comments or send us an email.

Take a Break

Remember to take a break and unwind. Children have had a busy term one at school and many parents have been juggling working and learning from home…we all deserve a break from work!

Think of some of your favourite activities that you can do at home and make an occasion out of them. You could organise a movie night. Get the family together to watch a movie with popcorn or your favourite snacks and turn the lights down to make your home feel more like a cinema.


Many of us will be celebrating holidays over the coming days. If you are preparing a special meal or baking for these celebrations, get your children involved. They could help you find recipes, gather and measure out ingredients, make table decorations or design a menu for the occasion.

Try some recipes from Woolworths or Taste.

Organise an Egg Hunt or Treasure Hunt

Hide some eggs or objects around your home or garden and challenge your family to find them. Depending on your children’s age you could make it more challenging using clues, puzzles or riddles for them to solve before they can complete the hunt. Your children might want to be the ones hiding things for you to find…they could even draw a map to help you.

Send Cards to Family and Friends

With the reduced amount of face-to-face contact at the moment, everyone would love to receive a handmade card and personalised message. Get the kids (and you) to design homemade cards and write seasonal messages for family and friends.

Get Crafty

Get your children to make some holiday decorations or drawings. Use whatever materials you have at home. You could recycle some old magazines, newspapers, egg cartons and other items, to make original and interesting creations.

As always, we would love to hear from you and your kids and see pictures of things you have created or worked on…so please post below or email us.

Have a great long weekend!

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