22 March, 2018

Naplan is going online! Here is what you need to know

NAPLAN is going online! I guess in one way you could call this a natural evolution in support of the digital transformation that is taking place in our society. Naturally as a parent or carer, like me, this raises a lot of questions about how this will be put in practice and whether my child will be ready to deal with this change…of course there are larger more philosophical questions around whether this may increase certain disparities within our society.

At Learn Primary we believe that preparedness will help us cope as parents and also deal with any anxiety amongst our children that may arise…I dare say though that as digital natives they are probably going to take to this change better than we think! 

The NSW Department of Education has put out a fact sheet to answer some of these questions and alleviate some of these concerns. Click on the link below to download it!

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