10 August, 2018

Education Week – What’s it all about?

Across New South Wales from 6-10th of August public schools enjoyed Education Week. So, what was it all about?

Education Week is a statewide, annual event held to celebrate public school education. It is an opportunity to showcase outstanding teaching and learning practices, as well as the achievements of schools and pupils around NSW. It aims to highlight the value of public school education and how it benefits communities on multiple levels.

This year’s theme was “Today’s Schools – creating tomorrow’s world.” It describes how public schools in NSW are equipping their students with the necessary skills and abilities to achieve success in a rapidly changing global society.

Schools organised a range of cross-curricular activities to illustrate this theme, and they could take part in the GAME CHANGER CHALLENGE.


Reasons to focus on Primary Education?

We all know that education is a vital aspect of life and ongoing human development, but why is primary education so important?

Primary education is the foundation on which all future education is built, it ignites children’s innate curiosity and develops a love of learning. It focuses on the cognitive and intellectual aspects as well as the social, physical and emotional development of each child. It builds confidence and self-awareness. Primary education is a powerful tool in helping children develop cross-cultural understanding and interpersonal skills, and it helps foster decision making and critical thinking, which are essential skills in an ever changing world.

Just think…a child who entered school the year will finish high school in 2030! What will their world be like? How will we help them be ready for it?

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