23 August, 2019

Calling all BOOK LOVERS…Book Week is Here!

It’s Gruff’s favourite week of year! This week is Book Week. Gruff loves reading so he’s excited to celebrate all of his favourite books.

Each year all across Australia, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together by celebrating Book Week. This year book week falls on the 17th-23rd August 2019. The theme for CBCA Book Week this year is “Reading is My Secret Power”. There will be fun events happening all over the country to celebrate Book Week.

CBCA Book Week is a chance for us to celebrate our favourite books and have fun reading some new books. Many schools hold Book Week events and students might even have a chance to dress up as their favourite characters.

Book Week is a great opportunity to encourage your child to have fun with reading. Sitting down to read a book with your child, visiting your local library and allowing your child to choose some books or talking about your favourite books are great ways to celebrate Book Week at home. Learn Primary has some fun reading lessons in our English Reading section if you want some more ideas.

To celebrate Book Week each year CBCA choose a ‘Book of the Year’ in 6 different categories. If you’re not sure what book to choose for your child the CBCA Book of the Year winners are a great place to start. You can find a list of the 2019 winners here The CBCA also release a shortlist of books they are considering for each category, so if you have already read the winner you can find more suggested books on the shortlist or take a look at some past winners on their website for more inspiration. 

Last year Gruff shared some of his favourite books. You can find his list of recommendations here 

We would love to hear what your favourite books are. Let us know in the comments. Gruff will be sure to read any new suggestions.

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