18 February, 2022

One of my students has forgotten their username or password – where do I find this information?

A student’s username is easily searchable by any teacher who is connected to the same class as that student in the LearnPrimary portal. The teacher can simply login and then from within the class, click on the ‘students’ button at the top of the screen. The student’s usernames are in the third column.

If a student has forgotten their password, you can refer back to the class password sheet we provided when you first came on board (when a school first comes on board with LearnPrimary, we can provide class sheets with login details of all students). Should you not have access to this sheet or a student’s password has been changed, you will need to speak with your school’s LearnPrimary Administrator who will be able to reset the password, or you can call (1300 882 219) or email ( LearnPrimary Support and one our team members will be able to assist you.

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